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Your urban environment is part of nature and nature is part of your urban envirnment. Let's explore the two as one.

Join our multi-faceted celebration of the
Wiggle Bike Route in San Francisco!

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  Geology of the Wiggle   Amazing historic photos and such, like this one

Do the Wiggle Natural History tour—a short bike ride packed with nerdy info (link) On March 12th from 12:45 to 3:30 p.m.

Do the Wiggle on foot walking tours will be back on the calendar soon!

Wiggle Map Shirt Prices:

Short Sleeve: $16

Long Sleeve: $22

Pullover Hoody: $42

Add a few bucks for delivery unless you're near Divisadero. (get in touch for specifics)

Short Sleeve T-shirt colors: Chocolate Brown or Fashion Black
Hoodie colors: Chocolate Brown or Nearly Black (charcoal)
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100% of funds raised go toward local education about the interplay of natural and urban environments, including a free event sometime this year with art, activities, contests, performances and slide presentations about the Wiggle. If you want to help make it happen, please get in touch!

1994 article that launched the Wiggle as a named phenomenon (link)


Long Sleeve T-shirt colors: Sharp Gray or Anarchist Red

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TO ORDER: Call Joel at 415-505-8255 or email DOtheWIGGLE